Fallen Protectors HC - 10 Man

Huey, Dewey & Louie
..er I mean, The Fallen Protectors!

You've all seen this fight before, on Normal, Flexible or Raid Finder difficulty. On Heroic it's pretty much the same principle but there's even more pressure on you to finish each stage on time and kill off the three bosses together to prevent Bond of the Golden Lotus from finishing. Other than the Bond of the Golden Lotus you must also care for the 10 min enrage timer. The protectors have a total of 740 million HP and have a full loot table of 24 different pieces of epic loot!

If you're already sure of the non-heroic part of this fight, just scroll down until you see "Moving on to the real heroic fight".

The same kill order as earlier difficulties still apply. Rook first, He after, Sun after that. Obviously not kill off, let's say, Rook and then start DPSing on the other but you bring them to different HP thresholds respectively.

First you bring down Rook to 66%, then He to 66% and then after that Sun to 66%. Same order, repeat.
Rook to 33% → He to 33% → Sun 33%. After this you should finish them off within 15 seconds of each other. So it's a good idea to bring them, all three of them, down to a low shared hp percentage, say 5 to 10%.

Pushing the Fallen Protectors to these thresholds will activate their Desperate Measures (not as desperate as Paris Hilton trying on the music career, but still pretty desperate)

The Desperate Measures of each protector varies from the others:

Rook's desperate measures summons three different adds (which should be killed):

  • Embodied Misery, which casts Defiled Ground on it's current target. The spell creates a big-no-no zone, which means you must keep moving this add.
  • Embodied Gloom, which casts Corruption Shock. The spell does big, big nature damage all over the place. It can and MUST be interrupted.
  • Embodied Sorrow, which casts Inferno Strike. Inferno strike does massive damage, but is spread over other players in an area around it's target. So you MUST stack up.

The recommended kill order of these is Embodied Sorrow → Embodied Gloom and lastly Embodied Misery. The reason is to take pressure of heals for dealing with Inferno Strike. You could switch Sorrow for Gloom if you're having a hard time keeping your raid's interrupts up. The phase ends when all adds are down. BUT THIS DOESN'T MATTER IN HEROIC. Ain't that shit fucked up, yo. Yes, in fact these adds SHARE health in heroic mode. So just DPS like cray-cray to get this phase over with as soon as possible.

He's desperate measure summons an add, Embodied Anguish meanwhile He disappears momentarily. Embodied Anguish casts a spell, Mark of Anguish, on a random target which deals massive damage as well as rooting the target in place. The debuff can be turned over to another player using the extra action button. The idea is to cast it to a player, maybe a tank or whatever, that can soak the damage while the team kills of the add - thus removing the debuff and ending He's desperate measure.

Sun's desperate measures creates two different adds: Embodied Despair and Embodied Desperation. These must die to end the phase. Additionally, the whole raid takes periodic damage from Dark Meditation, taking reduced damage in the centerpiece of the fight where Sun summons a spherical, protective barrier. There also spawns random minor adds at random players.The idea here is to stack in the protective barrier, have ranged kill off the Embodied Despair and Embodied Desperation to end the phase. Melee DPS can AoE the spawned adds. Easy.

But wait, there's more to it! You didn't think you could get away with it this easy, eh? The three protectors also have their own abilities which must be dealt with constantly.

  1. Vengeful Strikes - stuns his current target (the tank) and shortly after does AoE damage infront of him. 
  2. Corrupted Brew - tosses a keg at a random target, deals AoE damage in 5 yards radius and also slows targets hit. It can be avoided by simple avoiding it. You see it coming? Don't stand still.
  3. Clash - Rook charges a random raid target, making the target meet him half-way. When he reached his target he starts channeling Corruption Kick, which deals damage and knock backs players around him. Stay the hell away from him during this.

  1. Garrote - He targets a random target, applies Garrote which is a undispellabe DoT with unlimited duration. It will be cleansed once He uses his Desperate Measures.
  2. Gouge - stuns the current target IF the target is facing him and then changes target to a random raid member. The key is for the tank to turn his back when he starts casting this.

  1. Sha Sear - Sun constantly channels this Mind Flay rip-off on a random player. It can be interrupted, but to no point. It will only re-cast on a new target.
  2. Shadow Word: Bane - is a standard, magic, DoT that Sun applies to random targets. It can be dispelled - and it should. Because each time it ticks it will copy itself to a new target, spreading like cancer. In fact, it probably is the Warcraft notion of cancer. The DoT will be removed aswell 
  3. Calamity - is a spell Sun occasionally casts which does 30% of it's affected targets HP in damage to the whole raid. It also removes Shadow Word: Bane.

  • Moving on to the real heroic fight...

Now so far, it has only been normal mechanics. And in fact, the only thing that really differs in Heroic mode is the Protectors' abilities. Yes, it is that easy. Everything always is. Unless it's hard.

Actual differences:

  • Corrupted Brew travel time decreases each time it is cast
  • Rook adds (the once spawned by desperate measures) have a shared health pool.
  • Calamity damage increases from 30% of health to +10% each time it is cast.

Corrupted Brew and Calamity travel time respective damage will be reset once the respective Protector enters their Desperate Measure stance.

These differences forces the raid to trigger Desperate Measures even faster to avoid taking so much damage that possibly couldn't be healed.

In summary (for the lazy one):

For DPS:
  1. Bloodlust at beginning of fight.
  2. DPS Rook to 66%. Adds spawn, kill them off. They share health. Stack on Inferno Strike. Interrupt Corruption Shock. 
  3. DPS He to 66%. Focus and kill the Embodied Anguish, pass the Mark of Anguish (if you must!).
  4. DPS Sun to 66%. Stack up in the protective barrier. Ranged DPS kill the adds outside, specificly the Embodied Despair and the Embodied Desperation.
  5. Repeat Step 1.
  6. Repeat Step 2
  7. Repeat Step 3.
  8. They should all now be at 33%. Rotate/spread damage at them to bring them down to 5-15% and then finish them off within 15 seconds of the first one reaching 1 HP.
For Healers:
  • DISPEL Shadow Word: Bane
  • Stack up for Inferno Strikes on Rook's desperate measures.
  • Care for Calamity damage. Be prepare with some pop's yo.
  • Care for Garrote damage, it does quite a lot over time. So keep a constant eye of those affected by it
  • Clash can also do some heavy damage to the raid if a lot gets caught up in it.
For t0nks:
  • Assign each of the two tanks to He and Rook.
Tanking He:
  1. Turn your back on Gouge
  2. It would be preferred if the tank tanking He would soak the Mark of Anguish, as the other tank is busy tanking Rook at the moment.
  3. Win game.
  4. Watch out for He's poisons, did I forget to mention these?
  • Noxious Poison causes his attacks to leave poison pools on the ground, so what to do? What to do.. You move him around, duh!
  • Instant Poison causes He's attack to deal additional nature damage to it's target. Got minor defensive cooldowns? Maybe some damage reduction abilities? It would be wise to use them now, against this.

Tanking Rook:

  • Tank Rook.
  • Tank Rook.
  • Uh.. Tank Rook.
  • Take aggro of, and move the Embodied Misery add around during Rook's desperate measure.

Done & Done!

Do NOT forget to loot the boss. This is probably not the hardest part of this boss, but is without a doubt the most important.

One final piece of advice though, do NOT let their appearance fool you. 
They are just as lethal as real pandas.


Immerseus HC - 10 man

Immerseus, worst case of blue-balls you've ever seen.

Fighting Immerseus on heroic difficulty is not as complicated as you'd think. You can break down the fight into three major components. 87200000 hp. 10 min enrage timer. Epic loot. 

No but really, he has the very same abilities and mechanics as the normal fight but with some more additions. 

Sha Bolt - Immerseus fires a Sha Bolt at every enemy, inflicting Shadow damage to enemies within 5 yards, forming a Sha pool at the targeted location.
Swirl -  Immerseus causes torrents of Sha-corrupted water to burst from beneath the cracks in the ground. Players that come into contact with the tainted waters will suffer Shadow damage and be knocked away.
Corrosive Blast - Immerseus inflicts Shadow damage in a cone aimed at his primary target, increasing Shadow damage taken by 100% for 45 sec. Stacks.

So basicly, during the normal fight you need to: 
  1. Avoid the spawning Sha pools
  2. Avoid Swirl
  3. Let the tanks on an own designated area to avoid unecessary damage taken by Immerseus immersive splash damage
  4. Tank swap on Corrosive Blast.
  5. Healers heal blue bubbles on split phase / Damage kill black bubbles on split phase
  6. Loot the boss
I know what you all are saying: "Yeah, yeah.. we already know this - we've been through this fight a hundred times.." But wait! There's more!

So, let's get on with it.
The Immerseus fight is changed on both his "Immerseus-phase" and his "Split-phase" on heroic difficulty.

During the Immerseus-phase he casts a buff on himself (this happens every Immerseus-phase), a few seconds into the fight, called Swelling Corruption. It has a number of stacks, starting with 50 stacks and goes down 1 stack for every 2 energy the boss loses (one energy point is lost for each puddle purified in split phase). 

Everytime you attack the boss while he has this buff, you remove one stack and you gain a 6-second DoT. This dot stacks and prolongs it's duration. Danger alert! This DoT can also be dispelled, keep this in mind.  But that's not all of it, you also spawn an add - Congealed Sha that will start harassing your team. These adds don't really have high hp and can be easily killed off, unless they swarm your pants. Feel free to AoE them.

Once all stacks are gone from Swelling Corruption, it disappears (for the moment!).

During the Split-phase it spawns a Sha Pool in the center of the room, you know.. where Immerseus usually stands. The Sha pool creates a void zone, which deals damage to any player coming into contact with it, over the centre which grows, with time, outward towards the whole arena. It also grows each time a puddle reaches it. Size isn't everything, but damage is! Not only it's size grows, but as it grows it's damage increases.

However, the void zone shrinks whenever it comes into contact with a player and damages him or her, and disappears when the phase is over. So the idea is that someone must soak the damage so it doesn't escalate too much.

What do we do with all this new and exciting information? Onto Special Takktiks!

Let's have a look at the room we're fighting in.

The room can be divided in fashionable, colorful pie pieces

In the Immersius-phase, which the boss will start you will pop everything you got. Time Warp. Bloodlust. Heroism. Stormlash Totem. All them dps you got, drop 'em. This will be longest phase, so do your best to shorten it! Also, there will be a short delay before Immerseus casts Swelling Corruption, so pump out your deeps as much as possible by then.

The group EXCEPT the tank tanking boss will stand at the white area. Grouped for aoe healing. DPS:ing, healing, dispelling. Doing whatever you can. Avoid the pools best as you can. You will try to stack them up as much as possible in the white area. The tank tanking the boss will stand at the YELLOW marked area. You can have 1 healer stand on green for range when you're running from swirl or whatever, but it's also possible to have the whole group stacked.

So at first, the group positioning will look like this.

G for groupT for tank

But you can't keep this position forever. Eventually the groups position will be overrun by pools or Immerseus will water-blast you. So you move the group. Clock-wise. First movement will look like this:

And the one after this will look like this:

...and so on, you get the idea

Very easy. Just tank the boss, switch on (there will be running for the tanks) Corrosive blasts. DPS the boss and avoid the pools. Heal the team and dispel.

DPS must check their stacks (Swelling Corruption debuff!), you will get loads of them. If you end up 4-5 or even more (that will hurt) you should stop DPS:ing the boss, reset the stacks by letting the debuff run out or get dispelled (YES, dispel actually has CD!) . Meanwhile you're not dpsing the boss, there's time to kill off some adds.

The tank just tank the boss like normal. Do whatever a tank does best - idle! The tank-not-tanking-the-boss should try to pick up the spawned add so they don't go wild on your precious healers or even worse - the dps! Swap places on corrosive blasts, shit no you ain't tanking that in the group. Yo.

Healers just heal your team. Dispel if possible.

Boss goes down to 1 health - time for Split phase!

The split phase you're familiar with, you've killed this boss a billion times on normal.
Everyone should spread out accordingly to this image:

H for healer, T for tank, D for dps

Healers - heal up the blue puddles.
DPS/Tanks - kill off the black puddles.
You can slow/stun your black puddles

Assign people to soak the void zone so it doesn't grow out of control - prepare to heal your sacrificial lamb. 
Early in the fight there will be few blue puddles (the ones you heal) - so for the early phases you should get healers to soak the pool and let the dps do their job. 

Later in the fight, it's the opposite - it spawns more heal-puddles than dps-puddles. So guess who's gonna do some soaking now

Tanks can soak at any time.

Once Split-phase is over you're back to Immerseus phase. Take your positions and continue the fight!
Rinse and repeat.

  • Dealing with Swirl.
    Swirl will be cast 20 seconds after his Immerseus phase begun, Immerseus will face a random point and go all Squirtle on your team. The Swirl always moves clockwise, hence the best way of dealing with it is moving ahead of it. Move clockwise ahead of it.

In summary:

Phase Immerseus - move as a group, except for a healer a bit away to reach the running tanks and of course - except for the tank tanking the boss. Tanks swap places on corrosive blasts. 

Move when areas get overflooded with pools, or when Immerseus casts Swirl.
  • DPS - watch your stacks, stop attacking your boss when it is starting to get dangerous
  • Tanks - do your marathon running, swap and pick up adds
  • Healers - heal, dispel, heal and heal more.

Phase Split - spread out evenly. Have healers and & tanks soak the stacks of the center pool so it doesn't grow out of control in the first Split-phases then switch over to having DPS soak in the later ones. 

Kill off the puddles, but remember - everytime they enter the middle zone the pool increases not only in size, but also damage.

Phase Endgame - loot your heroic loot. Pose for a group picture. Upload on facebook.